Winning customer and shareholder hearts and minds.

Combine the deep industry specialism of your people with the diverse industry perspective of our consultants to surface differentiated solutions that win the hearts and minds of your customers, your people and your shareholders.

The Market Problem: The longer the tenure in one industry, the harder it is to see, connect and realise the disruptive possibility sitting beyond it thus increasing the risk of losing relevance to its prized customer base.

The REDSQ Opportunity: Bring in fresh perspective from a consultant with an executive perspective beyond your industry whilst deeply understanding the corporate system within which your company is operating.

The solution: Consultants each with diverse experience across business functions such as strategy, new product development, marketing, and design; and across industries such as financial services, banking, telecommunications, publishing, media and creative agency.

The result: market firsts that earn media attention and inspire rich ongoing customer engagement with your brand.